Faded Popstar~

Client Background

Music artist John Galea asked us to make him a music video. We set the stage by depicting the artist inside a pop music magazine showing the rise and fall of his character. Troubled by guilt he reconciles with the ones he has hurt and eventually brings about prosperity to all.

We used guerrilla film making techniques to complete the 3 minute music video and then set about creating a site to promote it.

Tao Salon~

Client Background

The Shoreditch, London based salon was founded a few years ago. Built from the ground up with an Eastern influence in mind, saw a good return in the business model. The original logo was difficult to read and did not reflect the hard work that went into the business.

The initial system was clunky to update and forced the user have a basic understanding of html. Although database driven, it was not always possible to implement the latest technologies, nor was the initial design set to take on the latest social network improvements.

Lone Photographic~

Client Background

As a self-employed photographer it was always difficult to establish a sense of professionalism. Word of mouth marketing had worked well for Khalid Lone for a long time, but he needed to enhance his portfolio to gain an edge over his competitors.

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