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A London Salon in Shoreditch

Client Background

The Shoreditch, London based salon was founded a few years ago. Built from the ground up with an Eastern influence in mind, saw a good return in the business model. The original logo was difficult to read and did not reflect the hard work that went into the business.

The initial system was clunky to update and forced the user have a basic understanding of html. Although database driven, it was not always possible to implement the latest technologies, nor was the initial design set to take on the latest social network improvements.

We re-designed the website from a new perspective, taking into account the salon components and the meaning of the Chinese word "Tao". The translation of Tao, meant "Escape" and taking this on board we created a central abstract composition which related to freedom. Using Drupal as the mainframe allowed the site to be easily mainted and managed with an advanced content management system.

Instead of creating vast empty pages which used stock imagery, the information was now available in well defined panels. People had access to the content without it always obscuring the view of the creative background.

Clients were very impressed with the new design. Not only were they now relating with the manager they were also becoming fans of the social networks. The blog was now getting picked up on facebook, twitter and some people were now picking up the latest offers on their mobile phones.