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A traditional website to feature iconic photography

Client Background

As a self-employed photographer it was always difficult to establish a sense of professionalism. Word of mouth marketing had worked well for Khalid Lone for a long time, but he needed to enhance his portfolio to gain an edge over his competitors.

Never before had Mr Lone used social networks to market his work. He also lacked the confidence to use standard advertising to encourage future work. We wanted to encourage him, with the hope that if his site was available on social networks he could ease the costs of traditional marketting and still keep his preferred word of mouth policy. With a carefully crafted design and user centric approach - to make the pictures the biggest impact, we felt his confidence could return.

It had to be simple, traditional and yet feel modern and complete. With a white canvas we started to adorn hints of decorative flourishes and elements to keep the theme in mind but the desirables above ball. Several logos were declined in the process, but it allowed us greater control over the brief as in what the client wanted in a final solution.

With the use of Drupal, he is now able to update the site easily and efficiently. Replacing pictures in seconds with ease and complete control over all his content. He now has access to statistics to keep a track on which pictures give him the biggest boost for his business.

Combined with traditional offline marketting and online social networks, like youtube, facebook and twitter we are confident "Lone Photographic" is getting more attention. With an increasing support of facebook followers, Mr Lone, now has the confidence to increase his rates and truly advertise himself as a professional photographer.